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EMR is free if you sign up for billing at 4%

Practice Management AND EMR
There is no free lunch. Ad supported systems charge fees to remove the ads. Our competition offers EMR but not Practice Management. Or they offer Practice Management without EMR. We offer both and at one low monthly price. Our competition claims to have your practice covered but then you find out that added modules for billing or document management can cost you thousands more per month.
Qualify for EMR Stimulus Money
Easily qualify for the economic stimulus package passed in 2009. If your practice demonstrates “Meaningful Use” of an electronic health record system you can earn up to $39,000 in Medicare incentives ($63,750 for Medicaid incentives). Adaptamed EMR/Practice Management software is fully certified and will help you quality for this incentive.
Full Fax Management
Adaptamed comes with full inbound and outbound fax management. When you receive a fax it is automatically scanned for inclusion with the patients medical record. Reduce clutter with this powerful method of storing faxed documents. Automatically fax records outbound with a simple click.
Powerful Document Management
Xrays, Cat Scans, Lab Reports, Patient supplied documents, billing, and more are all easily accessed through the Adaptamed EMR software. Permissions based management insures only those with proper access can view documents at their stations. Insure patient privacy, reduce risk, and improve patient information management. Doctors who prefer printed medical records can use our paper to electronic record management process.
Unlimited Training
Check our competition that offers so called “FREE” EMR solutions and your going to be shocked by the add on cost of Free. We are the only provider of EMR / Practice Management tools that gives unlimited training for the doctors and the staff. Our live one on one training support recognizes that your going to need more than a few hours to incorporate a EMR solution in your office. Unlimited Training insures your team gets what they need without additional cost!